[[File:ChesterwakeupbyVito.png|thumb|[[Chester is woken up by Vito in his sleep]] This page is about Chester and everyone else.

Chester and MikeEdit

Mike could possibly be friends with Chester.Chester hurts Mike the least and hates the other personalities more than Mike.

Chester and VitoEdit

Vito is much yonger than Chester.Chester is annoyed at Vito in Backstabbers Ahoy when Vito talks while sleeping.Chester and Vito are seen talking talking to Mike about how they are seeing him.

Chester and SvetlanaEdit

In Backstabbers Ahoy Svetlana jumps of Mike's bed and lands on the floor and wakes up Chester who complains.

Chester and Manitoba SmithEdit

Manitoba and Chester have never talk each other or been seen together.

Chester and Evil Shadow Personality Edit

No personality has seen or talked to the evil personality.