One by one, they will all fall. - The Malevolent One aka Mal Mal opening line
No No No It's my time! Mine!"- mal final words as he die

Name Mal
Alias Evil Mike
The Malevolent One
Origin Total Drama series
Occupation Taking control of Mike
Powers / Skills Disguising his voice to sound exactly like Mike, whistling, fighting,accessing all of Mikes personalities
Relationship Zoey as Mike
Christina (Crush)
Family Mike
Manitoba Smith
Hobby Causing havoc and mischief for the other contestants
Goals To eliminate the other contestants, win 1,000,000 dollars, and gain full control over Mike forever

(all failed).

Type of Villain Evil from the Past, Alter-Ego
Magnificent Bastard
Evil Alter-Ego
Knight of Cerebus

Mal, or known amongst the other personalities as The Malevolent One or Evil Mike is a hidden personality sealed inside Mike's mind and the main antagonist of Total Drama All-Stars. Prior to the series, he was incarcerated to the same prison Duncan was and was one of the most dangerous inmates at the time. At some point after juvie, Mike was able to take control of Mal and he was sealed within his subconscious.

Mike's voice arguably changes most drastically when he is Mal. He is shown to have dark circles around his eyes and the normally spiked portion of Mike's hair covering the left one. Once this personality has risen, Mike is no longer able to transform into the others as Mal has been shown to have chained them to boulders in order to supress them. Mal is seen shifting himself into an evil version of Svetlana in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, suggesting that that power goes to him when Mike is not in control. Up until Mal officially takes over Mike's body in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, almost all of his appearances were at his own will, making him the most spontaneous of all the personalities.

Mal has shown great intelligence and physical strength, even beating skilled fighter Izzy in a boxing match in Suckers Punched. He can perfectly imitate Mike and is very perceptive of other people, being able to tell whether or not they trust him. He is also very impulsive and chaotic. He chooses to recklessly act whenever an opportunity presents itself, rather than carefully plan out his moves. Furthermore, Mal appears to take great enjoyment in committing heinous acts, with Duncan once stating that Mal did bad things just for the fun. He has also been shown to get extremely violent when frustrated. However, he is perfectly capable of controlling himself in order to keep his cover through the season. He is a bit egotistical, modelling items in the subconscious after himself and being overly confident that Mike has no chance to regain control. Whenever Mal has done something malicious and is pleased with himself, he will whistle In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Total Drama RevengeEdit

Grand Chef AutoEdit

After mike win his battle against his multiple personalities and tell them that he in change but however it seen that he misses one which was right behind as a shadow figure appear for a split second it see as Mal makes a cameo appearance in Revenge of the Island for a split second but some fans wanted to know if the figure is actually Mal or not


Mal bears a resemblance to Mike, except that his hair drapes over his left eye. There are also darker circles around his eyes. He also speaks in a deeper voice than he has in his normal Mike persona. Despite his skinny figure, he is deceptively strong as he was able to injure Alejandro simply by crushing his wrists.

Total Drama All StarsEdit

Evil DeadEdit

He was mentioned in the beginning of Evil Dread by the other personalities stating that how he has returned. He made his debut when Mike, as Manitoba Smith, got hit on the head by Scott's shovel. As this happens, Manitoba looks frightened when he warns the others about Mal, as the large picture of Mike behind them subsequently forms into a shadow silhouette of his evil personality.which he celebrates of being rewaken of 7 years Being hidden in Mike subconscious which he successfully made the other 4 personalities as prisoners since now mal has come to arise unfortunately for Mike he won't be able to transform into the other 4 multiple personalities only which mal is the only personality to transform into him This personality also seems to affect normal Mike, making him crueler, as shown when he laughs at Sam's misfortune, surprising Zoey (showing it is something he would not do otherwise). At the elimination ceremony, he makes his first appearance when he proclaims that "One by one, they will all fall." (which mal promise that he will take down and eliminate every contestant)

Saving Private LeechballEdit

In Saving Private Leechball, he appeared in the beginning of the episode where he broke Sam's handheld game console. He also appeared when Mike is using the confessional while talking about Courtney.

Food FrightEdit

In Food Fright, Mal sneaks into the girls' room in the hotel and breaks Sierra's phone, afterwards laughing maniacally in the confessional. During the challenge, Mal pulls a leaver on the salad spinner, prompting that anyone after Mike that uses the contraption will be spun around faster.

Moon MadnessEdit

In Moon Madness, the mysterious effects of the Blue Harvest Moon awaken him and he spends most of the time causing havoc on his team while pretending to still be Mike. While his team was outside of the cabins, he hides underneath the stairs and pulls Cameron's legs while he was walking down, causing him to trip and his glasses to break into pieces. Later on, he abandons Cameron and scares Duncan away with a ferocious bird. After meeting up with the rest of his team, he attempts to hit Zoey over the head with a wooden log, but his team members arrived before he can do so. At the end of the episode, the moon becomes normal, reverting Mal back to Mike and cost his team the challenge.

No One Eggspects The Spanish OppositionEdit

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Mal breaks Duncan's knife and admits he wants Zoey gone. After the challenge, Mike tries to seal away Mal by dropping a rock on his head. This, in turn, has the opposite effect, sealing away Mike in his mind, where he finds himself chained to a boulder and leaving Mal to be able to roam freely while masquerading as Mike. At the end of the episode, Mal then starts whistling "the Hall of the Mountain King" as he gets on the Boat of Losers for exile. At that point, Duncan finally remembers where he knows Mike from. He states in the confessional that back when he was in juvie, Mal was also an inmate there and "was running the place." being scared completely he begins to tell the others that when he knew mike when he was in juvenile which unfortunately he was in his mal personality telling the others and warn them that he is bad news

Sucker PunchedEdit

Mal is still in control and pretending to be Mike in Suckers Punched. On Boney Island, Mal allies with the animals and uses them to attack Chef. Mal dives into Mike's mind to taunt the fact that he has returned and intend on causing havoc. Mal tries to get Zoey to trust him by saying that he misses her and reminds Chris that Zoey has an advantage from the last challenge. For the boxing challenge, Mal has to fight Izzy and was surprised that Izzy could sense him being evil and Mike within his mind, but believes that it was his eyes that gave him away. Mal easily beats Izzy and threw her off the ring before she can figure out his secret. During the elimination ceremony he overhears Duncan and Zoey and asks what they are talking about. Mal agrees with Zoey and Duncan that Alejandro should go to Boney Island.

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Mal as Mike save zoey Mal comments how easy it is to impersonate Mike in You Regatta Be Kidding Me and believes he should have done it years ago. He creates an alliance with Cameron and Zoey and another one with Alejandro. Mal was third to receive a boat for the challenge after he purposely messed with the other boats before choosing one. He was sent to the subconscious when Zoey was in danger but easily regained control. He reluctantly saves Zoey to uphold the Mike facade, which cost him the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, Mal rigged the votes so Cameron would be eliminated, but due to Duncan's disqualification, the plan failed.

zeek and ye shall findEdit

Mal tries to plant evidence of the rigged votes on Alejandro in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, but his plan was backfired as Alejandro saw him placing the voted underneath his bed in the losers' cabin and quickly placed them in Mike's bed instead. When Cameron found the votes, Mal tries to defend himself but Cameron was already depressed that everyone voted for him to believe him. The next morning, Mal convince Cameron that everyone other than himself and Zoey, are out to get him. During the challenge, Mal convinces Cameron to kiss Courtney under the impression of pulling Scott into their alliance. When Cameron fell into a hole, Mal tries to drop a rock at him but was captured by Ezekiel. While waiting for someone to free them, Mal accidentally slips up when he accuses Alejandro for leaving Cameron hanging when Alejandro did not say what Cameron's predicament was. After the challenge ended, Mal reveals to Cameron his true identity and he is the culprit behind the incidents lately, including trying to kill him back in the mines.

The Obsta-Kill KourseEdit

Mal finds out that Alejandro knows who he is in The Obsta-Kill Kourse. When Alejandro tries to blackmail Mal, Mal was unfazed and grabbed his wrist. Mal shows he has some knowledge of the Spanish language when he questions Alejandro's family saying. During the challenge Mal would either try to sabotage Alejandro or convince others to vote him off. Mal has displayed the ability to partially summon a personality, as shown when he needed Svetlana's skills to shake Alejandro off of him during the "snapping bars." After mike free her mal was attack by snapping turtles He was surprised when she escaped his influence, after Mike broke the chain Mal used to keep her restrained in his mind becames very physical angry saying that he is coming after mike next as mal did a bro fist which is from the YouTube sensation inspire by pewdiepie who has a bro fist on his page, and is determined to get rid of Mike once Alejandro is gone. He sacrificed himself so Zoey could win and so he could try to find out where Alejandro hid the DVD of him.

sundae muddy sundaeEdit

Mal is Furious looking for the DVD Alejandro hid in the hotel in Sundae Muddy Sundae to no avail. He also realizes that Zoey is getting suspicious of him. Mal returned to Mike's subconscious in order to stop Mike from saving Vito by possessing his Dummy but fail. As the contestants are walking through the forest, Mal reveals Courtney's chart that shows the order of contestants she is going to eliminate. This causes everyone to distrust Courtney, leaving her without an ally. Mal tries his best to win the challenge so he can return to the hotel to find the DVD. He finds Gwen being a threat and the two of them are often neck and neck in the challenge. His actions throughout the episode had also made Gwen and Scott suspicious of him. Mal lets Zoey win so he can regain her trust and they can both go to the spa hotel. When Chris said only Zoey could go to the hotel, Mal becomes very unhappy hearing that mal acted like he was happy for Zoey but as she walks away mal becomes very angry while secretly is furious at this change of events. which he cannot find the DVD. Alejandro has hidden from him

The Bold of the booty-fulEdit

Mal knows he has to win the challenge in The Bold and the Booty-ful because of everyone's suspicions. He realizes Zoey is losing trust in him after he accidentally said that he gave her a bracelet and not a necklace. Instead of trying to find his treasure he decides to sabotage the other contestants in their search. He first tries to smack Gwen in the head but then buries her under the rubble of the McClean cottage. He goes over to Scott but lets Fang attack him. Mal brings and injured Scott to Chris and said that an injured contestant is one of Chris's favorite things to which Chris agrees to. Afterwards, Mal is chosen by Zoey to head into the finale possibly knowing that Zoey is trying to find a way to bring back the real Mike.

The Final Wreck-eningEdit

Mal is confident he will win in The Final Wreck-ening despite being aware that Zoey knows who he is. He mockingly states that he is touch by this action and states Mike is still trapped within the subconscious. He still pretends to be Mike until Zoey tells him to drop the act. Mal gloats to Zoey that Mike will never return to her. During the first part of the challenge he manages to get Alejandro and Heather as helpers but does not care for either of them. During the second part of the challenge Mal tried to throw Heather in the toxic waste moat so he could use her body to float across until Alejandro offered a pole vault. Mal threw Cameron and Gwen down a level and used the pogo to attack Zoey in the water moat. While underwater Mal was sent to the subconscious and learned that the reset button was pushed and Mike was going to be the only personality. Mal tries to attack Mike but he is quickly defeated. As he begain to die and disppears he Begain to be scared and beg mike not to do this to him and begs for mercy and wants Mike to feel pity for him.Mal is defeated

He begin to states he is a part of Mike like the others. But However Mike responed in angry that he is the part he doesn't need anymore. He bagin walking away saying good bye to him he screams no that this is his time as he disppears and die with all of mike other Mike's Alternate Personalities. It shows that Mal never won the million dollars and could not regain full control of Mike again


Mal is cunning, manipulative, ruthless, selfish, and sadistic. As Duncan said he enjoys causing trouble for the fun of it. He does this while hiding his true nature behind the voice of the harmless friendly Mike. However, he has a habit of breaking character but at the same time can immediately tell when someone's not trusting him and come up with a lie on the spot. Even the most intelligent manipulators on the show have called his manipulation skills impressive. which however his ( evil female counterpart) share the same appearances as mal does.

He also seems to be very violent. Trying to hit Zoey over a cliff, beating Izzy up for no reason, breaking Alejandro's wrist for trying to blackmail him, breaking the confessional camera, and trying to hit Cameron off a cliff with a boulder out of sheer malice. Duncan even comments on this when he says that when they were in Juvie together that he was running the place. Another thing he seems to enjoy is whistling In the Hall of the Mountain King. As he can always be seen doing this when he's causing mayhem.

Ask Mike Total Drama Questions Edit

On Instagram on Ask Mike they asked Mike and his multiple personalities alot of questions




Moon MadnessEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Mike, as Mal, tripped Cameron while he is descending the cabin's stairs and broke his glasses. While everyone believes that it was an accident, Zoey is the only one who saw what Mike had done. After being told by Zoey, Cameron confronts Mike about what happen to which he apologizes and tells Cameron about his inability to transform to his other personalities. Cameron forgives Mike and says he will help him figure out his problem. Under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon, Mike becomes Mal and leads Cameron away from the group while still pretending to be Mike. As Cameron began to believe what might happen to Mike after Scott hits him in Evil Dread, Mal quickly toss him off a cliff. During the elimination ceremony, Cameron was transferred to the Villainous Vultures when he attempts to leave the island. Cameron then tells Mike that he will find a way to solve his alternate personalities problem, not realizing that he is actually talking to Mal instead of Mike.

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

When Chris said the teams were merging Cameron allowed Mike into his and Zoey's alliance but in the confessional he says it will only be temporary. Cameron seems aware of the potential of an evil personality and mentioned to Zoey that Mike always came back when she was in danger. During the elimination ceremony, it is revealed that due to an unanimous vote, Cameron is eliminated. Zoey and Cameron both stand up in protest confessing that they didn't vote for Cameron. Chris then reveals that Cameron will not be eliminated because Duncan had already been arrested, therefore out of the game. Mike (Mal) then reveals in the confessional that he tampered with the votes.

Zeek And Ye Shall FindEdit

Mal tells him he not mike

Cameron began to distrusts the other contestants due to the tampered votes from the last episode. Mal tries to calm Cameron down and offers to search around for clues on who might have rigged the elimination ceremony. In the cabins, Cameron found the votes underneath Mike's bed but is unsure if Mike really did it. The next morning, Mike regains Cameron's trust by warning him that everyone is out to get him, including his new friend, Gwen. The two of them are paired up during the challenge. Inside the mines, Mal encourage Cameron to kiss Courtney in order to pull Scott into their alliance to which he complies. Later, Cameron fell into a hole but manage to hang onto a root. Mal leaves in order to find something to pull him up but reveals that he is going to let Cameron fall to his death by dropping a rock at him. However, by the time he came back, Cameron had already fell and Mal believes that there is one less loose end to be worried about. After Cameron was removed from the competition due to the injuries, Mal reveals himself to Cameron and tells him of his true intentions back in the mines, causing Cameron to scream in terror he try's to warn everyone but it was indeed to late for him to let mike best friend fall to his doom which realize he was no use to him anymore.

The Obsta-Kill KourseEdit

Mal explains his reasoning for eliminating Cameron in the previous episode. He then later compares Cameron to gum stuck on the underside of a shoe. During the zipline portion of the challenge, Mal comes up with a plan to defeat Alejandro using the combined weight of Zoey and himself. This causes Zoey to tell him he sounds similar to Cameron.

The Final Wreck-eningEdit

Cameron is brought back in order to help Zoey to win. When Zoey asks if Mike will return, Cameron has doubts and believes that Mike could merely be another personality that is lost forever. During the challenge Mal picks Cameron up and throws him down to the lower moat. When Mike regains control, Cameron is very happy to see him again.


File:Mike meets mal again.jpg

It see that mal has alot of hatred against mike for manny reason when mike as (mal) was incarcerated to the same prison Duncan was and was one of the most dangerous inmates at the time. At some point after juvie, Mike was able to take control of Mal and he was sealed within his subconscious He was mention on the ep evil dead when mike was asleep all his other persontily's was scared of his return when mike turn to Manitoba Smith, got hit on the head by Scott's shovel by accident. As this happens, Manitoba looks frightened when he warns the others about Mal, Unfortunately it was two late as the large picture of Mike behind them subsequently forms into a shadow silhouette of his evil personality

In No One Eggspects The Spanish OppositionEdit

, Mike tries to seal away Mal by dropping a rock on his head and trying to wake his other's persontily's. But this turn out wrost for mike ,this in turn, has the opposite effect, sealing away Mike in his mind, where he finds himself chained to a boulder screaming noo and leaving Mal took completely over mike body to be able to roam freely while masquerading as Mike

In sucker punchEdit

the real Mike is chained to a boulder. He is shocked to see Mal's image in a fiery mirror and voices his certainty that he had done away with him after juvie. Mal responds that he was only conserving his energy for the right time. Mike begs him to stop, to which Mal mocks him and laughs don't even feel pity for him at all and responed that he's "just getting started. As lizzy appears sill in her spider out fit fight mike she fought Mal (Mike) instead. Izzy was be able to sense something odd about Mike and describes him having a sweet center with a poisonous outside. She also manages to hear Mike from inside Mal but is swiftly defeated before she can figure out his secret.

In Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Mike get a help from Chester as zoey use her old moves calling for help mike regrain control of his body leaveing Mal suddenly loses control and Mike takes over. However, Mal quickly and succesful gains back control mike became furious not hearing zoey cry mal was gonna leave her there for the fish to eat her but was forced into rescuing Zoey due to things looking suspicious

In The Obsta-Kill KourseEdit

While mike sill inprisoned inside his mind they find svetlana she warn them that mal can hear them thru his subconscious Mal has displayed the ability to partially summon a personality, as shown when he needed Svetlana's skills to shake Alejandro off of him during the "snapping bars." He was surprised when she escaped his influence, after Mike broke the chain Mal used to keep her restrained in his mind, after finding mike broke her free he get furious angry at him and reclam he comeing for him as he call him bro and brofist the camera and is determined to get rid of Mike once Alejandro is gone.

The Final Wreck-EningEdit

Mal was sent to the subconscious and decover his castle been destoryed he face's mike for one last time and demained how he got this fair he show him a flash back when mike was scared to push it mean loseing his persontily's as well they all wannted what best for him and learned that the reset button was pushed and Mike was going to be the only personality. Mal tries to attack Mike but he is quickly defeated. As he begain to die and disppears he Begain to be scared and beg mike not to do this to him and begs for mercy and wants Mike to feel pity for him. Which mike wanted mal to stop in sucker punch ep He begin to states he is a part of Mike like the others. But However Mike responed in angry that he is the part he doesn't need anymore. He bagin walking away saying good bye to him he screams No that this is his time saying MIINEE as he disppears and die with all of mike other Mike's Alternate Personalities



Due to being on different teams, Duncan and Mike did not interact much in the beginning of Total Drama All-Stars. However, Duncan's heroic action in Saving Private Leechball gave Chris the opportunity to replace Courtney with him on the Hamsters. Although Duncan is often shown wanting to be a villain again, he behaves civilly towards his new teammates, including Mike. Overtime, Duncan notices the familiarity in Mike's voice, but cannot remember their history until he hears his evil alternate personality whistling. It is then that Duncan reveals to the audience that he knew Mike from juvenile prison as Mal, and he was the most dangerous inmate there. Knowing the dangers that he will cause, Duncan tries to warn the other contestants of Mike's true nature, starting with Mike's girlfriend, Zoey.

Saving Private LeechballEdit

During the challenge, Duncan tells Gwen to imagine Mike as Courtney so she can "clobber" him.

Food FrightEdit

seems Familiar Duncan believes that this isn't the first time he and Mike have met.]] In the beginning of the episode, Mike seems genuinely happy to have Duncan on his team, celebrating his arrival along with Sam, Sierra, and Zoey. Duncan is annoyed by the gesture, thinking they are putting him on a pedestal in order to vote him off later, but accepts the cake. During the challenge, Duncan encourages Sam, but, remembering his bad boy nature and former villain status, quickly corrects himself. Mike reassures Duncan that "it's okay to be a team player," to which Duncan looks at him strangely and notes that Mike's voice sounds familiar.

Moon MadnessEdit

Where_do_I_know_you_from Duncan confronts Mike, as Mal.

In the woods, Duncan comes across Mike, Mal in control, speaking to a Blue Harvest Moon-affected bird and demands to know where he knows him from. Pretending to be Mike at the time, Mal tries to cover up by stating his past Total Drama experience, however Duncan doesn't buy it. Mal then sets the bird free to attack Duncan before he can figure out his secret. as mal watches as his female jail mate Christinà return as well happy jumping and hugging Duncan who she havent seen since prison time she call him a sweetly cutie pie which Duncan question vanessa who she wasnt herself ( as christina ) she try kissing him which but fails as he save gwen which made her very angry at her for stealing Duncan from her while she was imprison in vanessa mind

No One Eggspects The Spanish OppositionEdit

In the confessional, Duncan becomes distressed over his team's "heroic kindness" and thinks it may be rubbing off on him. He tries to prove he's still a "bad boy" by stabbing his knife into the wall, only to have the blade break. Mal appears next sarcastically questioning what happened to it. A flashback reveals that Mal stole Duncan's knife the previous night and crushed it with a rock so it would split. Due to Mike partnering up with Zoey for the challenge and Duncan wanting to be a "lone wolf," the two are distant until the elimination ceremony. When Mal volunteers for exile, he can be heard whistling In the Hall of Mountain King on his way to Boney Island, during which their past finally hits Duncan. He reveals that he and Mike was in juvie simultaneously, and the latter was called "Mal" at the time. Duncan then elaborates that he practically "ran the place" and is "bad news."

Suckers PunchedEdit

While Mike is still on exile, Duncan tells Zoey about how he knew Mike previously and informs her about his evil personality, Mal. Back then, Duncan stayed away from Mal, explaining why the familiarity was not returned. During the challenge, Duncan and Zoey witness Mal's aggressive fighting when he is up against Izzy. They are further convinced that Mike is Mal when Izzy mentions Mal's name. That night, Duncan and Zoey consider the possibility of Mike actually being the alternate personality, while Mal is the real one. Duncan later expresses disappointment that he couldn't vote for Mal due to a twist in the elimination.

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Duncan attempts to warn Courtney and Gwen about Mike and how he is very dangerous, however, the newly reunited friends refuse to believe him as they think he is one of the nicest people around.

alejandro Edit


File:Mal Al.png

You Regatta Be Kidding Me Edit

Up until You Regatta Be Kidding Me in Total Drama All-Stars, Alejandro and Mike do not interact much as they are placed on opposite teams until Mike's malevolent personality, Mal offers an alliance with Alejandro after his victory. In the next episode, Alejandro discovers that Mike is not who he seems to be after reviewing clips of him destroying the other campers' personal belongings in past episodes. He also found out that Mike attempts to frame him for rigging the previous votes and quickly enters the losers' cabin and place the evidence under Mike's bed instead. Satisfied with the turn of events, Alejandro kept the disc as an insurance policy. During the challenge, after the both of them had been caught by Ezekiel, Mike accuses Alejandro for leaving Cameron hanging for his life after he admits that he did not help Cameron. However, Alejandro states that he did not mention what is Cameron situation at the time.

The Obsta-Kill KourseEdit

Tension between the two heightens in The Obsta-Kill Kourse. While Alejandro is away for exile duty on Boney Island, Mal attempts to gain the other contestants trust in order to vote off Alejandro, knowing how big of a threat he is especially now that he know of his secret. He first tells Zoey that Alejandro left Cameron to die in the previous episode and then tells Courtney and Scott it was Alejandro's plan to break them apart by making Cameron to kiss her (even though it was Mal who thought it up). After coming back from exile, Alejandro threatens to reveal Mal's secret to the others but Mal is not afraid because he knows that nobody will believe "the most manipulative contestant in Total Drama history." Alejandro then grabs Mal's shirt and threatens him by revealing the DVD, but Mal displays his immense strength and easily overpowers him by crushing his wrist. With his wrist almost dislocated, Alejandro had no choice but to concede defeat, and pretends he will not reveal Mal's secret.

Throughout the challenge, Alejandro attempts to warn the other contestants but was foiled each time. He tries to warn Gwen first but Mal quickly threw a tire at him before he can finish his sentence. During the rope climbing course, Alejandro almost fall as his rope (which was made of liquorice) was chewed by Mal earlier but he was be able to grab the ledge in time. At the Snapping Bars, Alejandro clings onto Mal in attempt to drop him into the pond filled with snapping turtles. However, Mal summons the power of Svetlana and overpowers him using her athletic abilities. Before he can finish him off, Mal loses Svetlana's abilities (due to Mike saving her in his mind) and fell into the pond. Later, Mal kicks Alejandro into the open field while feigning to aid him, allowing Chef to shoot leeches at him continuously. At the final part of the challenge, Mal grabs hold of Alejandro, slowing him down and the two of them fell into the river, sealing Alejandro's fate that night. With almost everyone voted for him Alejandro was eliminated. As he is taking the Flush of Shame, Alejandro warns the others about the DVD containing Mal's secret located somewhere inside the Spa Hotel.

The Final Wreck-ening Edit

Alejandro and Heather were both chosen by Mal to help him in The Final Wreck-ening, though he doesn't seem to need their help. At one point, Mal attempts to throw Heather into the toxic moat, but Alejandro quickly stops him from killing his girlfriend, telling him to instead use a long stick to pole vault across. After reaching the other side, Mal refuses to help them to get across. After Mike regains control of his body and Chris declares that anyone can win the million dollars, Mike uses Svetlana's abilities to leap and land on Alejandro's shoulders to give him one of Fang's broken teeth. This causes the mutant shark to start chasing Alejandro until the end of the episode.



The Treasure Island of Dr. McLeanEdit

Mike tells the others to hurry up and save Gwen, afraid that she will not have much air left.

Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

after Zoey gives Mike a kiss on the cheek for good luck, he stumbles backwards and accidentally knocks Gwen and himself off the cliff.

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Gwen refuses to believe Duncan about Mike's malevolent intentions, believing that Mike is one of the friendliest campers around.

Sundae Muddy SundaeEdit

Gwen begin to realize something is wrong about Mike as he kept slowing her down during the challenge such as dunking her into swamp water and sending the Drama Machine to attack her by revealing her presence to it. He also attempts to make Zoey turn on Gwen by telling her that Gwen is in an alliance with Courtney and Scott to take the both of them down.

The Bold of the booty-fulEdit

Mal begins to target Gwen by telling Scott to believe it was Gwen's fault that Courtney was eliminated in the previous episode. During the challenge, Mal appears behind Gwen and is about to hit her with a steel pipe but Gwen managed to turn around before he hits her. When she asked what is he doing at the remains of Chris' cottage, Mike claims that he is trying to find Chris' award. In the confessional, Gwen is able to see through Mike's lie and admits that she found Mike becoming meaner recently and find that he enjoys seeing other people in harm like Chris. Mal then topples a loose column, causing the ceiling to collapse on Gwen. After she had lost the challenge, Mal grins evilly as another contestant has fallen.

The Final Wreck-eningEdit

Gwen and Cameron are selected by Zoey to help her defeat Mal. At one point, Gwen tries to attack Mal, but he easily thwarted her attack and threw her down the moat. After the destruction of the island, Mike (who had regained control of himself) asks if they should compete again to which Gwen, Cameron and Zoey angrily yelled out "No!". Also, in Mike's ending, Gwen congratulates Mike on winning the game.



While mal was in juvenile it seems that mal may have became romantic interest in one of vanessa multiple personalities Christina another evil multiple personality which is the female version of himself which Duncan remembers him when mal was whistling which cost him to remembers Mike when he was in his mal personality see he cannot remember Christina which she has a crush on Duncan when her and mal know each other when they was in juvenile together they both hate each others guts which both of them get into fights as well after Vanessa and Mike got out of juvenile her and mal never saw each other again which the both of them was sealed there evil personalities In they're own subconscious but however in Total Drama All Stars in episode 2 after Scott hit Manitoba by accident and Vanessa as well which wakening there evil personalities as well but mal seems to have a crush on her and may have feelings for her in return



  • Mal is the seventh main villain of the Total Drama series, after Heather, Justin, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, and Lightning.
  • His name means "bad" or "evil" in Latin, as well as in Spanish, Italian, and French.
    • Mal may also be short for his full name, "The Malevolent One." One of the roots of malevolent is the Latin mal, as stated above.
    • Mal might also be short for "Malice" since malice means intention to do evil or ill will, which fits with Mal's character.
    • Ironically, his real name being the latin root of a few words might explain why he understands latin fluently.
  • Mal is very similiar to HABIT from EverymanHYBRID.
    • Both are evil personalities.
    • Both have a similiar hair.
    • Both love chaos and malice.
    • Both have a demonic voice and the hero's voice, however, HABIT can make a mixed version of both.
    • Both are the biggest threat that the protagonists from both series ever faced.
  • Mal is the third antagonist to cause a strain on a relationship, in which, he forced Cameron to kiss Courtney and this lead to the breakup between her and Scott. The first is Heather when she kissed Trent which leads to him a Gwen temporary breaking up and the second is Alejandro where he forced Tyler to tell Courtney that Duncan and Gwen kissed which lead to Courtney breaking up with Duncan.
  • Mal along with Eva are considered two of the most feared contestants to date, and the only ones who have succeeded in scaring Chris.
  • Mal along with Scarlett are deemed the evilest, most dangerous villains to date.
  • Mal, along with Justin, are the only main antagonists not to be placed on the Villainous Vultures.
  • Though most antagonists have received harsh punishments for their actions (Heather becoming bald, Justin breaking all his bones, Alejandro getting burned in a volcano, and Scott (often) getting mauled by Fang), Mal suffered the worst punishment of all, not only dying, but being wiped from existence entirely.
  • The tune he whistles is "In the Hall of the Mountain King" a famous piece written by Edvard Grieg as incidental music for Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt.
  • Mal is the first major character in the series to die.
  • Duncan knew Mal back in juvie.
    • According to Duncan, Mal seemed to like it in juvie, especially since Mal was practically in charge.
  • Mal is also similar to Prince Hans from Frozen.
    • Both hid their true nature to almost everyone.
    • Both pretended to like a girl so she would give him what he wanted despite failure. (Mal faked a relationship with Zoey so she would take him to the finale and he would win the $1,000,000 for himself, Hans pretended to love Anna so she would marry him and he'd become king.)
  • Mal also shares some similarities with Constantine from Muppets Most Wanted
    • Both are evil dopplegangers to the main character (Mal is Mike's evil doppleganger and Constantine is Kermit's evil doppleganger)
    • Both eventually get defeated by their doppleganger (Kermit manages to stop Constantine from escaping and MIke finally figures out that Mal isn't the real deal)
    • They also faked a relationship with a certian female (Mal: Zoey and Constantine: Miss Piggy)
    • They are considered to be by far the most dangerous criminal ever
    • it see that mal know Spanish when he almost broke Alejandro hand which the interns of his last name mean dead donkeys
  • in The Obsta-Kill Kourse after mal finds out mike free her he punch the camera as a bro fist from the YouTube user pewdiepie who use the bro fist on his channel.


Fans are curious about his evil personality and also about mal background story and past they also want to know where mal came from or started off which is a theory on the multiple personality of Mike, and main antagonist of Total Drama All-Stars,The Malevolent One. He was introduced in "Evil Dread", and will probably stay for the entire series. or some fans think it is true or not or could it be a possible way which leads to mal violent behavior and personality with some fans want to know if Mike was ever abused by his parents


This is what we know so far about "Mal." In his debut episode, Scott accidentally smacks Manitoba Smith (one of Mike's other multiple personalities) and puts him into some type of concussion. In Mike's mind, Manitoba informs the three other multiple personalties; Chester, Vito, and Svetlana that "The Malevolent One is coming." The others then freak out. A portrait of Mike behind the personaltiies then turns into a portrait of a silouhette of Mike. This silouhette has Mike's hair extending over his left eye, and he has a devilish smile on his face. The background of the portrait is red. In all episodes afterwards, we meet Mal. He is the only personality Mike has that does not need a trigger (nudeness, anger, gymnastic conversations, or a hat) to "come to life." But after Evil Dread, all of the other personalties are no longer able to be triggered. Mike has a hard time with this. Mal's plot gets even more interesting when we learn that he was the toughest and scariest inmate at Duncan's juvenile detention hall, which has been discussed about since the first season. So we know some facts: Mal likes to break things, he is a "pretty bad guy," he was in juvie for reasons unknown, he is the strongest out of all Mike's multiple personalities, it is unclear yet if Mal or Mike are the owners of the body.

Theory about malEdit

My theory since the Duncan/Mal plot had been brought to life is listed in the following. Please do not taunt me and say, "You were wrong!" or other hurtful comments if a future episode proves these predictions wrong. Remember that this is a theory and not solid proof of Mal's backstory. Thanks for reading up to this point.

So the theory starts here. I have two theories: one that is more believable, and one that is still accurate but harder to believe. Here is the harder to believe one:

Harder-To-Believe theoryEdit

So in this theory, I believe that Mal is the main controller of the body. Mal was just simply born a hardcore kid. (A possible "in-theory theory" is that his parents were abusive.) He was the toughest bully in his school, he was a thief, he was a crook, he was every law-breaker name in the book. One day he was turned in during his early teen years and went to juvenile detention hall. He was still ruthless in there. So they decided he needed counceling. After going through counceling, his mind started going insane. He kept imagining himself as different people, such as a gymnastic-loving Swedish woman. He was taken to a hospital of some sort, and the doctors realized he had Multiple Personality Disorder. After being sent back to juvie, the councelors took this to their advantage. After doing everything they could to make Mal good, Michael was born. Michael, or Mike, was the complete opposite of Mal. He was a nice, friendly guy who didn't bother anybody. Soon after counceling Mike and not Mal, Mike became the prominent owner of the body. He went on to high school, where the teachers and students were surprised at how much he had changed: his personality, his appearance, and his voice. Mal's voice was much deeper than Mike's because Mal always tried making his voice "mysterious" to fit his evil personality. But after being knocked out during his competing on the reality show, "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island," Mal was brought back but not fully. He watched as Mike, Svelenta, Manitoba, Vito, and Chester all faught each other in his own brain. It only took one more concussion for Mal to be fully awakened. Due to being trapped for so long, Mike was still the owner of the body, so Mal could only spawn himself out at certain times. More will be added as more info is revealed.

The Believable TheoryEdit

So this is the more believable theroy. Michael, or Mike, was just a normal school kid. At a very young age, the doctors had informed Mike's parents that he had a rare disorder called MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder. During school, Mike was given special treatment by the teachers because of his disorder. But not special treatment in a nice way, he was treated as if he had serious mental problems and was a slow learner. Mike was actually a very intelligent kid, but was always being picked on by kids at school for his problem. One day, Mike was getting bullied so bad that another personality had been unleashed. This personality was named The Malevolent One. He wreaked havoc over the entire town Mike lived in. He loved breaking or ruining people's property just for the heck of doing it. He was also able to rid of Mike's other personalities while active. But he was soon turned into juvenile detention hall for nearly killing one of the kids who constantly picked on Mike. Mike's parents tried to bail him out, with their defense being that The Malevolent One was born through a disorder, but the authorities were afraid that Mike wouldn't be able to help if TMO was unleashed or not. During prison time, The Malevolent One went by the nickname Mal, due to his full name being "non-humane," as he described it. Mal was taken to counceling in juvie, but it never worked. Until one day, the juvie brought in their toughest councelors to cure Mike of his MPD. It actually ended up working, but Mike was kept in juvie to see if Mal would return. Only the original four personalties returned, and Mike was released. Mike lived a good, long life. He got better grades in school, and no kid ever dared to pick on him after what "he" did to the last kid who bullied him. One day during Mike's competiting on the reality show "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island," Mike had gotten knocked out and began to fight his other personalities. He thought that if he was able to rid of Mal forever, that he could do the same with the others. He was able to get rid of them, but they slowly came back. But this didn't bother Mike, as Mike was able to spawn them when needed now. Little did Mike know though, that the concussion he had suffered had unleashed Mal again. Another hit on the head would fully unleash him, and it happened. A hit to the head with a hard, metal shovel knocked Mike out. Mal awoke and again, wiped out the other personalities. Due to still being slightly trapped, he could only spawn at certain times. But after a couple more injuries, Mal was able to take control and trap Mike into his own mind. More will be added as more info is revealed.

The EndEdit

Thanks for reading! Please, leave some feedback below. Did you enjoy it? Is there anything unrealistic? Let me know! As more episodes of TDAS air, I will add more. Here's a little trivia for you: I, along with a lot of other people, believed Mal was born due to Duncan's bullying during Mike's childhood, but this was proven false.

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Evil mike
Sexy mal
Demon mal
Mal tells him he not mike
Mal as mike
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Mal with a mike doll

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